Places to buy your mosaic supplies

Mosaic Tiles and Tesserae Everybody loves the experience of exploring the isles of a craft store, browsing the range of tiles that on offer and seeking inspiration for that perfect mosaic masterpiece!

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to live within short travelling distance of a truly quality craft shop (or sometimes even any craft shop!) and often local stores don't carry much of a range in the way of mosaic supplies.

Advantages of buying mosaic supplies online

Fortunately, in this age of the Internet it is now possible to order all your mosaic tiles, adhesives, tools and grouts online and have them delivered directly to your door, without even having to leave your home!

Online craft stores usually have a far greater range of mosaic supplies than you can find in your local store, and you can even get some of those "harder to find" types of tiles such as smalti that you normally have to go without.

Save money by purchasing online

Did you know that by ordering your mosaic supplies online, you can actually save substantial amounts of money compared to what it would normally cost to buy supplies from your local craft store?

The warehouses of the larger online craft stores daily handle vast volumes of orders far beyond what a local craft store can, and hence they are able to take advantage of bulk-order prices from distributors.

This in turn allows them to offer you as a customer substantial discounts on the prices of the exact same products that you can get in your local store, as well as being able to supply the many other products in their extended range.

Recommended online mosaic suppliers

The following sites are great sources of mosaic supplies and are sure to meet all your mosaicing needs.

Both these sites have great customer service and secure payment processing, so you can shop with confidence and know that your personal details will be kept private and your order will arrive timely and safely.

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