How to set up your own Mosaic Workshop

There are four factors you should consider when setting up your own mosaic workshop or area where you will create your mosaics.


Good light is the most essential ingredient in your mosaic workspace and a workshop with natural sunlight is ideal.

If you don't have access to natural sunlight then you will need a bright lamp that will allow you to clearly see what you are doing and also make decisions as to which colored tiles go best.


It is always handy to have access to water as you will be handling different types of adhesives and grout which can irritate your skin. If you get any chemical based product on your skin, wash it with water immediately.


If you are in a carpeted or wooden area it is advisable to lay a paint sheet which will protect your floor from small chips of glass tiles and ceramic tiles, as well as bits of paint, glue or grout.


If you set a side an empty shelf or container that can hold your plastic or glass jars with all your different colored tesserae, when the time comes to lay the mosaic it will speed the work process considerably and make it much more fun.

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