Ready Mixed Cement Based Adhesive

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Ready mixed cement is a standard tile adhesive, great for the indirect method of mosaic tile laying. It is also great for gluing down the individual sections of a large scale mosaic that needs to be done in sections.

Ready mixed cement comes in white and grey shades. Simply mix the powder with water to create a paste that is smooth in texture and very consistent.

If you wish to color your cement (i.e. you are not using grout or you are using this as a cement and grout in one) then a powder colorant can be added before the water, or alternatively a liquid colorant can be added after the water has been stirred through (make sure to read the how to mix color section first though for advice on choosing color!).

Note that PVA is used for dry areas and EVA is used for wet areas.

Using an additive with the ready mixed cement will give the mosaic more movement and flexibility which is great for curved bases and any art works that have an uneven base.

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